Who is Ashley Monzon?

Hi. I’m Ashley and I’m an athlete. I always have been and I always will be. My career as an athlete started at the age of 3 when my parents enrolled me in gymnastics. Growing up, I continued to try new sports like soccer, swimming, baseball and even springboard diving. Competing in these sports gave me a passion for the body and how the body functions.

I knew at a young age that, when I grew up, I wanted to work with athletes. I wanted to help them become better athletes and at age 15, I became a gymnastics coach. Coaching came naturally to me. I could analyze and break down what an athlete was doing and decide if it was wrong or right and teach them how to perform it properly. When I graduated from high school I continued coaching while pursuing a degree in kinesiology. I was going to train athletes.

Shortly after graduating, at age 18, I auditioned for the San Diego Charger Girls. To my surprise, I made the elite dance team my first year. Before I knew it, the season had passed and after auditioning my second year, I missed the cut and was no longer on the team. Disappointed, I continued to focus on my education. My mom suggested I start working at a gym. I didn’t have any knowledge of what the job entailed but I decided to try it anyway. After getting all the necessary certifications, I began my career as a trainer at a local gym that just happened to be open 24 hours a day.

My desire was to grow as a personal trainer and eventually become an ‘athletic trainer’. I wanted to work with world class athletes and help shape their careers. I realized though, that athletes represented a small portion of America’s population and there was a greater need for my knowledge. With the obesity rate rapidly growing in America, I decided my career plans needed to change.

I ended up earning a spot on the Charger Girls again and remained on the team for a total of 6 years. Each year we would have to tryout for the team with the very real possibility of not making it back. So we had to prepare every season by getting our bodies in shape to dance for the three day tryout. This is where my Booty Camp classes got started.  We didn’t want to workout at a gym. We wanted to be outside working out together just like when we were training for photo shoots and the games. Soon after I decided to open it up to other women that wanted to be in a team environment without the hassle of a gym.

To conclude, living a healthy life is important to me. Since beginning my training career in 2006, I’ve found that a healthy mind is a healthy body. My goal as a personal trainer is to come alongside anyone looking to improve their lifestyle and coach them along in a positive way. I want to motivate and challenge people to create and chase after their fitness and nutrition goals.

I am a driven individual. The goals you set will become my goals and I really don’t like to fail. So, if you’re willing to do what it takes, so am I. This of course isn’t my whole story. I’d prefer to tell you the rest in person. Fill out the form below and let’s begin our journey together.