Pain vs. Pleasure

Working Out

Pain vs. Pleasure

With every choice we make, there is a feeling that goes along with it, pain or pleasure.  For example, working out… What is the first thought that pops in your head. Do you shriek in terror, or do you get excited? If we shriek in terror, it causes a feeling of pain, therefore, we avoid it at all costs. Now on the other hand, if we get excited, obviously we are more likely to go work out. Another example that everyone can relate to is going to the dentist. Pain or pleasure? There is always need to avoid pain and a desire to feel pleasure.

What is your Pain Threshold?

Have you ever had an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, where you broke up with them and for months they called you, they promised you that they would change, so you give them another chance and then, it happens… again, they let you down… After this happens a couple of times you finally wake up one morning and decide that you were done! You said to yourself “I’ve had it, I deserve better then this!” And from there, it’s easier to move on.

That epiphany is considered your Pain Threshold… the moment you decided in your mind, that you were done with the relationship and ready to move on to bigger and better things, you had reached your threshold. The moment that you were done being let down, disappointed, and feeling hurt or pain, you made the decision that there is more pain in being IN the relationship then pain of being alone. Which was different from the times when you went back into the relationship. During those times, there was more PAIN in being alone, then the pain you felt by being IN the relationship.

So what does this all have to do with you reaching your fitness goals? Everything! We act (or don’t act) upon what we think. Most people will think that working out will cause us pain, therefore, avoid it at all cost. If we can reprogram our mind to think what a wonderful service we are doing by giving our muscles the chance to move, we will be more inclined to workout, knowing that we are giving our bodies a gift!

Take some time and reflect on your life. When was the last time you avoided something based on the feeling that you may have felt some pain in the past (i.e., Dentist, apologizing for something, ).

Now moving forward, what is something you have been avoiding that if you looked for the pleasure in it, you could do it? Remember every action will result in either pain or pleasure! Associate pain by not working out and pleasure by taking the action and getting to the gym

Next time, you are thinking about working out or what to order ask yourself the following….

If I take this action, will I feel more pain, or pleasure?


(Pain > Pleasure) (Pleasure > Pain)

Will this pain or pleasure help me get to my higher outcome?

Here are 5 steps that will help you stay focused on your goal…

5 Steps to Focus on your Goal

Step 1- Write down 4 Actions that you need to take, but have not done so?

Step 2- What is the pain that you feel if you were to take Action?

Step 3- What pleasures have you had by not doing it?

Step 4- What will it cost you if you DON’T take action?

Step 5- What will you gain from doing it?