Taxes and Weight Loss

You probably read the title and said, “Taxes and weight loss? What the heck is she thinking?”

Well here it is, my comparison of the two. I was working on my taxes today and thought taxes are like losing weight, if we wait until the last minute to do our taxes, it’s very overwhelming and stressful. Isn’t losing weight the same thing? The weight is there and if we look at the big picture, 20-30lbs is a lot of stress (just like totaling your expenses for the entire year). But if we can lose 5lbs here, 5lbs there, the task of losing 20-30lbs becomes more manageable. Just like if I had kept track of my expenses on a monthly basis, I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with it right now.

I have to admit I’ve gotten better over the years creating systems and plans but the hardest part of doing that is sticking with it, just like losing weight. Some of the benefits (and I’m using that word lightly) of taxes is the fact that taxes MUST be done every year. We all know when they are due, April 15th. If I had been on top of my expenses on a monthly basis that date isn’t as scary. These “benefits” can be helpful in losing weight, like taxes we MUST set a due date. This will assure us that we are on track to getting it completed. To be sure we can achieve this deadline we should keep track of our weight on a monthly basis, so we can measure our progress in losing weight and if it occurs, gaining weight won’t get out of control.

So like taxes, losing weight becomes overwhelming when we don’t keep track on a monthly basis. Create systems that can hold you accountable. For my taxes, once a month I total my expenses. For my weight, I measure my body fat once a month. Pick a date each month as your due date. For me, finances are done on the 15th of every month while I measure my body fat on the 5th. By doing both of these things I know where I am financially and physically.

Now I must get back to my taxes!!