When people say the phrase “Possibilities are endless,” they truly are! What stops us, is the thought that it is impossible. I realized today that people are capable of so much, if they do a couple of things… be commited to it, take a daily action towards it and finally, BELIEVE that the impossible is possible.

Looking back to just a year ago, I wrote down what I believed was impossible and what seemed possible for my business. With having acheived the “possible”, I can now look at the “impossible” as something that could actually happen. It’s crazy to me to think that I have created this business from a blank piece of paper and had the belief that it was “possible”, even though I didn’t know how it would happen. I just focused on what needed to be done on a daily basis and started working towards it.

I’m ever so grateful for the power of the mind and the possibilities it creates, without it, I think we are lost.

So when you set your goals (whether it’s physical, financial, career and even in a relationship) think of two goals! One that you believe to be impossible and one that seems more realistic. Work towards the realistic goal and you’ll find that as you get closer to the realistic one, the impossible won’t seem so impossible at all.