MyPlate vs Pyramid

What’s changed?

The Food Pyramid that we learned about in grade school is now old school. The USDA’s recently released the ‘MyPlate’ guidelines for us to follow. Besides the obvious image changing from a pyramid to a circle, what’s changed?

With the food pyramid we were given lots of information. Each food group was given examples such as bananas, oranges and apple are all in the fruit category. We were also given the recommended servings, for fruits it was 2-4 servings.

With the new MyPlate image, we aren’t given much of anything and yet it makes more sense. Each meal should contain a balanced meal consisting of fruits and veggies that equate to half my plate, protein and grains equalling to about 1/4 of each. This seems much more realistic because now we have the visual aid of an actual plate to guide us. My hopes for this new guidelines is that the next generation will follow the recommended portions and can stop the obesity epidemic that has started in the last decade. Its a scary thought that the children being born today may not live beyond their parents. Something must change and this new MyPlate is a good step in the right direction.

The MyPlate is only an image, we are still in control of what we eat and how much we eat. As the government can spend millions in developing new programs such as MyPlate, it will always come down to the user, no matter how you slice it!

What are you’re thoughts on the new guidelines?