The Time Is Now…


I recently went to the Dallas Mavericks NBA finals game and their slogan was “The time is now!” 4 simple words with so much meaning! It’s simply stated but can be applied to our lives every day.

As a trainer, I hear the statement, “I’m going to start tomorrow.”  Why wait til tomorrow… Why not right now? When people choose an unhealthy lunch they tell themselves, “I’ll get back on my diet tomorrow. I messed up my lunch so screw the rest of the day.” Sound familiar? Don’t worry you’re not alone, but that doesn’t make it ok! Lunch is your 3rd meal/snack of the day, so you should have another 2-3 meals to be better not worse! The time is now! So what… you had an unhealthy meal, you don’t have to have a bad DAY! Get back on track now.

Don’t waste your time waiting for tomorrow to start or get back on track! Finish the day strong. The time is now! Do it like the Mavs are doing it, NOW!