A lesson taught in middle school…

Working out with a purpose…

When I started dancing in middle school, my dance teacher told us to walk with a purpose, even though we we’re only walking across the dance floor. For some reason, “walk with purpose” stuck with me. It didn’t matter whether I was walking to the bathroom at a restaurant or walking on the field in front of 70,000 Charger fans, I had a purpose.

The same can apply to your workouts. Now of course we have a purpose when we do our squats and shoulder presses but what I mean is the way you workout. Proper form. It’s such a crucial part of your workouts and most people don’t know how to check themselves. Now I can’t describe how to do every exercise with proper form but I can give you a checklist to follow that will apply to the majority of them. Starting with your feet.

Feet- Be sure your feet are parallel to each other. Most women tend to turn their feet out causes added pressure to your knees.

Knees- watch that when you do legs (ie. Squats or lunges) that you keep your knees in line with your 2nd toe but that your knees don’t bend past your ankles. Also, don’t straighten your legs fully, always have a slight bend in them.

Hips- Be careful you keep you’re hips even. Women often carry their purse/child predominately on one shoulder which causes one side of your hip to raise depending how heavy your purse or child is.

Stomach- don’t let it hang it… Work out the way you want to look. If you want a belly then let it hang out!

Chest- keep your chest lifted, don’t stick it out. Lifting your chest should make you look confident not arrogant.

Shoulders- Think pinch together and pull down towards your hips. Again, this will help give you the confident sassy look. 😉

Head- Keep your ears in line with your shoulders. For every inch your head is forward is an extra pound that your neck has to carry.

Going to the gym is only half the battle. Working out correctly is a true test of ability. When you have the proper form and posture, your muscles are able to activate more muscle fibers and will in return will help you burn more calories.