Getting the Y Factor

Its not about having the X factor… it’s more of a Y factor!!

When individuals come to for fitness help, I ask a series of questions:

How much do you want to lose?

What have you done to get yourself to your goal?

How many times a day do you eat?

These questions are like the icing on a cake. Its out in the open for everyone to see. What my true goal during the times I am speaking with a potential client is one simple question. “Why do you want to…?” Sounds simple but it can many levels of answers. You see having the X factor, the ability to get up and do something is based on the Y factor. Why do it at all? If you have no reason in achieving something, why put the effort into working towards it? Most goals have a deadline, my friend’s wedding, high school reunion, or for swimsuit season. While its good to have a deadline, what happens after your reunion, do you go back to the lifestyle before you set your goal? Probably. These event based goals are just one level of the Y factor.

The driving force behind the Y factor is the reason you will keep the weight off or put it back on. My goal is to find that BIG Y? What would happen if you didn’t get to your goal? Is there a pain that’s related to it? Because if there is, physical or emotional pain, you may have reached your BIG Y factor. Its the reason why you MUST get to your goal and not just WANT to get there.

My Y factor is the reason I help others, its the reason I try my best in caring for my own health. My pain associated with health coincides with my passion for helping people.

I know I can only help those who want to be help. Its like the saying goes…

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

If you are ready to dig deep and get to your Y factor then call me, let’s set up a consultation, or come try a class.

Whatever step you take is the step worth taking. I promise.