Apples vs. Oranges

We all are apples and oranges. Think about it. From afar both are fruit and both are round. But in reality the closer you get the more different they become. From color and taste to texture and nutritional benefits.

Society today is in constant search to have the perfect body. We look at celebs and say I want to be like her. Or we compare ourselves to the spokeswomen of the latest diet trends. We also like to compare ourselves to our co-workers or friends and family. To some degree we can say that we are like them, we are women and we may have the same body type. But in order to justify any weight loss or lack of we must get a deeper look. You can find someone who is the same age, weight, shape, ethnicity, the same amount of kids, eats like you, does the same workout with the same goal and yet results are different, why?

BECAUSE NO TWO PEOPLE ARE ALIKE genetically therefore, the way your “insides” work are different. The process in which you digest food, the way you burn calories and even the way your body responds to your workouts.

So if you are trying to size up the competition… STOP IT! Go stand in front of your mirror in the bathroom and there you will find your competition. When you compare yourseld to the person in the next cubicle or the person on the treadmill beside you at the gym, you’ll be fighting a losing battle. Own who you are and if you want to be better, then do better!! Stop comparing yourself to someone that is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM YOU! If you want to compare yourself; challenge them to how many pushups you can do or how long you can run.

JUST GET OVER THE COMPETITION and FOCUS ON YOU!!! If you want ideas in how to overcome this battle, please email me at