“Fake it til you Make it!”

This statement was said to me when I was a gymnast during preparation for a competition. My dream was to become an Olympic gymnast and my coach would tell me, “You got to fake it until you make it!” You see, as a beginning gymnast, we had a lot of role models to look up to in the gym, we referred to them as “The Optionals”, we would learn their floor routines, then do them on the side while they were performing it for practice. We wanted to be in their position, have a floor routine made especially for me and only me. I FAKED being an “Optional”, until that is I became one.

By the time I was an Optional, I knew what he meant. Pretend to be what you want to be until you become it. This was a valuable lesson that I carried with me through my journey in life.

There was many times where I had to “Fake it, til you make it.” Most recently was during auditions with Charger Girls, becoming a high school cheer coach as well as being a business owner.

During auditions for Charger Girls, we were told to come “Gameday Ready”. We were to arrive to auditions as though the judges could put a uniform on us that day and we would be ready to perform in front of 70,000 screaming fans. So for 8 years, I “faked” being a Charger Girl to become a Charger Girl.

Another example is when I became a high school cheer coach. If you knew me in high school, you would know I considered myself as a “gymnast in a skirt” NEVER a cheerleader. I never stunted and never learned all of the cheers. Ten years later I was hired to rebuild a failing cheer program. I needed to give the parents the confidence that I knew what I was doing as well as earn the respect from my new cheer team. I was going to instruct them on stunts, jumps, cheers, tumbling and dance. I knew tumbling and dance. But what did I do, I FAKED IT! Now I can say two years later, I finally have a handle on the cheers and stunts.

My biggest challenge and most important “poser” role was becoming a business owner. This took some years to develop but after many trail and errors, I can say I’ve made it. My first attempt was at age 22. I knew absolutely nothing about running a business and yet I was servicing clients. I had no clue how to grow it. After 6 years of faking it, I finally discovered the secret to what a business owner entailed.

Now I don’t tell you these examples to gloat about my own success. My goal is to inspire you to “Fake it til YOU make it!” in whatever field of your life.

This includes weight loss. If you want to be a smaller size, for example you want to be a size 6 dress, pretend you ARE a size 6. Do and Be what someone who wore a size 6  would do. Sooner than later you will be going for a size 2!!!