Muscle vs Fat

Muscle weighs more than Fat.


If you have a pound of muscle and a pound of fat… Don’t they both way a POUND!!!

I read the above statement a lot and I get frustrated because its sooooo untrue!!! A pound is pound and will ALWAYS be a pound. Now the truth of the matter is that Fat takes up more space within the capacity of your body.

The easiest way I can explain this is by using steel vs feathers. If you put a pound of steel in a bag, then place it on a scale and then do the same with a pound of feathers, which one takes up more space? Feathers. Right? You may only have one block of steel that equivalates to maybe 5,000 feathers. Both will weigh one pound but 5,000 feathers will take up much more space. Now instead of feathers and steel, make them fat and muscle. Fat takes up more space while the muscle or steel takes up a smaller amount of space.

Does that make sense? Can you visualize it using feathers vs steel, and then with fat vs muscle. Both will always weigh the same when you compare them to each other, it just depends on how much space each take up. Five pounds of lean muscle mass will ALWAYS take up less space in your body then five pounds of FAT!!!