Adapting to Changes

Most of us don’t like changes. If Facebook decides to change the layout of their website, you’ll find that a lot of people will make their own posts about how much they dislike the change. Eventually, they get used to the change and adapt. They may not like it but they do get used to it. Another example of change, is when stores rearrange their departments. We can’t control it, therefore learn we adapt.

Our bodies work the same way. We start a new workout regiment, at first our bodies are sore, and we ask ourselves, “Why are I am doing this to myself?” After a couple of weeks, your body starts to adapt, not as sore and the workout becomes easier. Therefore, we must constantly change up the workout in order to continue seeing the results. When we adapt we’ve hit a plateau. The same goes for the nutritional aspect of losing weight. Your body learns to adjust to the caloric intake and just like working out we stop seeing the results you had when you first tracked your calories.

Studies show that your body can adapt to changes in as little as 21 days or as long as 6 weeks.  You may want to ask yourself, “Am I still seeing results? If your answer is a NO then STEP UP YOUR GAME. Don’t forget to check your eating habits as well, you may need to tighten up that belt and become stricter on your food choices.

Remember that you will ALWAYS adapt to the changes, just like we adapt to all the changes Facebook makes us go through.

Don’t let the changes discourage you… LEARN TO EMBRACE IT!!