Finding Your Competitive Spirit

I never realized the importance of competition was until this month when I set up a weight loss challenge with my bootycampers. Its a friendly competition between the ladies to see who could lose the most body fat and inches. The winner will receive $150 plus a free month of class! Watching the ladies challenge each other actually made them challenge themselves.

Within the first two weeks of the challenge, women lost anywhere from 3-6 inches! The rules of the game were simple… no fad dieting or pills, keep a food and exercise journal and do all the weigh-ins with me. I have checked their journals on a weekly basis and of course I pushed them through class but I realized it is the thrill of winning the game that has jump started them to raise their game. Knowing that in a matter of days, three winners will be announced. Three ladies may lose more in this month then they did in the last two months combined. Why? Because they know they get “something” in the end. This has motivated me to do a monthly contest. Each lasting 4 weeks exactly. I’ll be doing more measurements and creating some sort of prize each month.

I’m excited for my ladies to get where they want to be. People are always looking for motivation, and maybe you’re looking for that friendly competition or it may be a reward at the end of the 4 weeks. Think about what makes you want to work harder. Is it because you know you’ll get something out of it? If it is there’s no shame in reward yourself, but set a goal and a timeframe to get it done, then get yourself moving!