Creating a New Relationship with Food

Creating a New Relationship with Food

We all have a relationship with food, whether good or bad, it’s there.  The purpose of food is NOT to satisfy our feelings, the purpose is to give our bodies the nutrients it needs to keep us moving as well as getting us through this thing called life. We only get one body, it’s best that we handle it with the best care.

Over the years, I’ve learned that some people have an emotional attachment to food, good and bad.  For example, I have not eaten pasta since I got the stomach flu earlier this year. Pasta didn’t cause me to get sick, but it was my last meal prior to getting the stomach flu.  Another example is ice cream.  Ice cream brings me back to my childhood when I would get to have it at my grandparents’ house.  Both of those examples bring me back to a place or time where I experienced pain or pleasure.  The pain I had after eating pasta has forced me to not crave or want it, while ice cream, I could (but I don’t) have it everyday.

We all have these associations with food. The key to living a healthy lifestyle is NOT eating because it reminds you of good times or a bad one.  Eat because it’s a necessity and not a luxury!!  Treat your body like the car you drive…get gas when your car tells you that you need it just like your body tells you when you’re hungry.  I know that I’ll get about 350 miles with every fill up, just like I know that I can go about 3-4 hours before my body needs food.

Food for Thought….

The average person will own 12 cars in one lifetime.  In that timeframe, you’ll spend an average of $725/month on car expenses.  That’s $504,600 over a lifetime (average life expectancy 78 – first car at age 20).  So in a lifetime you’ll have spent half a million dollars and in that same lifetime you’ll have ONLY ONE BODY.  You might want to rethink how much of an investment you put on what is going to take care of your one and only body, a body that will outlast any car you purchase!