Where do you want to be?

Where do you want to be?

If you don’t know where you’re headed, how can you plan on getting there?


As children, we had great imaginations, we had the ability to be dinosaurs, cops and robbers, teachers to our dolls, we even had tea parties, but as we grew older, we lost touch with our ability to imagine.


It may be difficult at first, or it may be easy for some of you but what I want you to do, is stand in front of a mirror and just look at yourself. I want you to write down 10 things you dislike about what you see.


Now take a look at your list and write down next to it what you want it be…



– Flabby arms

-Tummy pouch


– Toned/Defined Arms

– Six-pack of abs


Now that we know what you want to look like on paper, go back to the mirror and look at every dislike and imagine it as your desires.


We can spend all day in front of the mirror, imagining what we want our bodies to be and will be. Let’s get our starting point on paper. If we don’t know where we began, how we will know how far we’ve become!


Just like anything we strive for we need to be able to measure our progress. At our jobs, it may the growth in the company or maybe the raises that we get yearly. At home, it may be measured in the size of house or being financially free at some point. We set goals for ourselves everyday, little or big, they are there.


Now the biggest thing is having a measurable starting point to evaluate your progress. Without knowing where you start how will you know you’ve reached your goal? Now the misconception about having a measuring point is that people will use their scale as a measuring point. A scale is only half of it. When you step on a scale, it gives you your weight, but is it fat or muscle? Body fat is the true number you should be focused on. A person weighing 130lbs with 20% body fat will be in better shape than a person weighing 130lbs and is 35% body fat.


130lbs * 20% = 26lbs of Fat Mass

130lbs * 35% = 45.5 lbs of Fat Mass


That’s 19.5 lbs of extra fat! But yet they weigh the same weight! Get your body fat taken. Every 4-6 weeks is a good measuring timeline. Email me today for your FREE consultation.