Ever heard the term ‘guilty by association’. From outside looking in, we tend to associate things based on our perception. For example, if a guy we know is a player we assume that all his friends are players as well. We will always have our guard up until we’re proven wrong.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with weight loss or your fitness goals. It has every thing to do with it because we base our choices by what we think about it or how we feel about something. If you think a guy is a player you’re most likely not going to try to get to know him. But if you hear the guy is a nice person you may give him the time of day. Either way our actions are based on what we think about them.

When we choose our food we tend to base them on our feelings as well. Have you ever gotten sick and then stopped eating whatever it was you last ate because every time you think about having that food it reminds you of that ONE time you got sick. You may have also had associations with good times as well. I absolutely love ice cream because when I was a child my grandfather and I would get dessert and to me it was such a BIG deal! Even now as I write this, I have a huge smile on my face! Cheesy, I know, but its true!

Whether you have good or bad memories from food, we all have them. Problem is, they may not be serving us in the best way possible. If you didn’t like veggies as a child, you may still not be a fan, but veggies have so many benefits for your body but because your mind is in the way we don’t get the benefits.

Think about the food you don’t eat or the food you eat too much of… are you hurting your chances of getting to your fitness goals because something makes you feel sick to your stomach? Our mind makes decisions for us based on our past experiences. Take a step back and re-evaluate your choices, not only with food, but your decisions to work out or have a couple extra drinks on the weekend. Who is in control, you or your mind?