Fitness Addict Must-Haves

A Fitness Addict Must-Haves

Every fitness addict has there go-to items that they have to have in order to complete a great workout! Here are my personal faves!

1- beats wireless headphones. I’ve tried so many headphones… My ears are small so most in-ear headphones hurt. These are great and these are worth every penny! They stay in my ear, are not bulking and have amazing sound!

Beats Wireless Headphones

2- hydroflask water bottle. My hydroflasks (yes I have more than one) are with me everywhere I go. Whether I’m training a client, at school or working at home my water bottle is next to me! It amazes me how much more I enjoy drinking water knowing its ice cold ALL DAY LONG!!

3- Polar HR monitor. I love wearing my HR monitor during my workouts because it tells me whether or not I’m really working hard. Your perceived exertion vs physical exertion are two different things and knowing that we usually THINK we are working harder than our bodies are actually are is key into seeing progress in our workouts!

4- foam roller. If you don’t have the time or the money to get regular massages then invest in a foam roller. They help with muscle recovery as well as injury prevention! They’re easy to use and are inexpensive!

5- MyoPharma’s recovery drink. This is a great tool to help aid in recovery of your strenuous workouts. It is designed to speed up the healing and recovery from workouts.MyoRecovery