The reason why I gave up my OCD

I have to admit… I may have a bit of OCD or like us jokesters C-D-O. (You know its CDO becasue OCD is not in alphabetical order) Either way I’d like to have things in their place. In a perfect world, everything has to have a home and there’s no room for messiness. But as I realize that I have absolutely no control in some aspects of my life (insert blog link to miscarriage) I’m realizing that what I like to control of may not be the best use of my time.
So often I want to make everything go according to my plan it’s part of what drives me but as much as this may be considered one of my strengths, too much of anything can also be bad thing. Hence the reason why I’m writing this post today.
To give you a better picture of my self-diagnosed OCD… here are a few of my nuiances…

  1. The bed has to made a certain way. So much so that I’ve told my hubby that he doesn’t need to try to make it because I’ll just go back and fix his work. It’s my thing, and while I appreciate the effort of my hubby, I know me and I know what I want. NO sense in making him live up to my bed-making standards.
  2. Cold hard cash… When I have the cash it has to be in order of value with all of the faces in the same direction. There’s nothing that makes me cringe than a crinkled $5 dollar bill.
  3. Changing into my pjs… Every piece of clothing has to come off the right-side out. Here me out on this… it makes doing the laundry faster, especially the folding part. I don’t have to take the extra time to turn the clothes that are inside-out.

Most of my silly OCD nuiances do have a purpose. Efficiency. If there is a logical reason that would make my life easier and more productive than I will do it. Like using paper plates… No more washing unnesscessary dishes. More trash but that doesn’t take more of my time. Just like my routine like the order I put my make up on… it makes no sense to put lipstick on when you haven’t put on your foundation on, right ladies?

Yes I know, it sounds loony but I’m a logical person. So when I came to the realization that my morning routine was lacking in productivity. I immediately made the decision to make some changes. So for the last week or so I have been working on changing my morning routine. Prior to making these changes I would have told you every morning was different becasue of whatever was my first appointment. Sometimes I had a 6am training client and other mornings I had nothing planned until 9:30am or even later. My weekends tend to look a lot like weekdays in that I have no actual schedule time to be anywhere. I can literally stay in my pajamas at least four days out of the week.

This caused a problem for me… You see when you are solely responsible for planning your days, things can become extremely optional. I had no morning ritual so to speak (except waking up checking my phone and going to the bathroom, sorry for the TMI, I’m just being honest)
So I made the decision to create a morning routine for EVERYDAY regardless of when my first appointment started.

Here’s what I realized in doing this… My life is proving to be a challenge to just be consistent with a few morning rituals. Keeping it simple with 3 things is my only saving grace.

  1. Stretching
  2. Spending time reading the Bible.
  3. Planning out my day.

Once those 3 tasks are complete… I get ready for “work“.
But as I continue to work at this struggle I am realizing that if I keep it simple and don’t overthink it I can usually do it. I’ve committed myself to waking up at the same exact time regardless of my need to be anywhere I’ve discovered that I need 90 minutes maximum to be able to spend time reading my Bible, stretching and figuring out what the tasks are for the day.

Choosing to live in structure with these 3 SIMPLE TASKS are making me aware I need to work on the things I can truly control that will ACTUALLY move my life in the direction that I want instead of just staying at the status quo. How dishes are washed or clothes folded does not really make an impact on my future. This is a hard thing for me to let go of but like with everything in life every day is a new chance to start fresh.

I can’t say that waking up every day at 4 AM has been easy, it’s simple in theory, set your alarm and get up. But having this tiny bit of structure has given me a lot more freedom in focusing on the things that drive me. It’s like I know all that I have to do, but getting up early and devoting some time to planning my day allows me the opportunity to schedule the things that are important to me.

Maybe you don’t need to wake up at 4am to have this freedom but what is one thing you could change in your morning routine that will help you move forward?