Still busy doing nothing…

So I wrote about this awhile back and I’m sad to say it still happens. I’m super aware of it and it irks me to the core that it still happens. You can read the original post here but as I was working on my day I caught myself in the act.

I was totally doing busy work but it was on something that would not actually move me closer to my goals. I don’t want to admit how many times I catch myself doing the busy work but the work doesn’t actually produce any fruit. Have you ever been there? I can’t tell you how many times I am working on getting organized instead of actually reaching out to people. Or how many times I write what I want to see happen but not actually take action in accomplishing the tasks. I’m a great planner, and sometimes that’s all they become, is plans. I could literally spend an hour at my desk making an amazing lists of all these great things I want to check off, but when I finish making the list, I walk away and start cleaning or I stop to fuel m body and never go back to the list.

It’s such a bad habit that I’m still working on improving. These last few weeks I find are slowly making me self-aware of making the shift from planning to do something and actually doing it! Its starting to feel easier. Because these days I’m focusing on the little things I want to complete EVERY SINGLE DAY. Now that I’m thinking about it, its been something I’ve been working on for a few years.

It probably truly started with my health. I started on a health journey that focused on my physical health first. Because lets face it, if you feel good, you want to do good. For a lot of years as a personal trainer, my health got put on the back burner so I could serve others well. I imagine it was a lot like how mothers are with their children. You mamas are always putting the babies needs before your own. My baby just happened to had been my business. After achieving my personal physical health goal, I realized that there was more work I could improve on. Fortunately for me, health coaching provided me the space and the time to focus on me. That’s when I went into focusing on my spiritual health.

I started attended church and needed more understanding of the Bible itself so from there I choose to make the simple tiny task in doing my daily bible devotionals on the YouVersion app. I’m currently on a streak of 315 days of getting on the app to read a devotion or simply to read the verse of the day. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m impressed with my commitment. It has shown me I’m capable of doing something every day. Kind of like brushing my teeth. It’s becoming a habit. I would feel incomplete if I didn’t jump on there first thing in the morning as I’m laying in bed about to start the day. It helps give me peace going into the crazy demands of the day. It also helps me stay in my own lane opposed to comparing myself to what everyone else is doing before I even get out of bed.

It’s been almost a year since I choose to build on top of that momentum and lets just say it was hard to find something else that would truly help me move myself forward into becoming the best version of me. A few months ago I added working out back into my weekly habits. I don’t try to do it daily because that messes with my head about health. I focus on getting 3 solid workouts in per week and that’s all! I won’t allow myself to do more because in reality I don’t need to do more. I’m at a healthy weight and there are plenty of things I can work on with in my 3 weekly workouts that won’t require me to live at the gym. Plus, my body needs the rest in between. AND I know I can commit to doing 3 workouts a week LIFELONG, not just because I’m on a health kick. I could go on and on about this mindset shift but I’ll save it for another day.

Writing daily was a HUGE challenge for me. But now that I’m in a good rhythm I’m realizing that everything I’ve been adding simply takes up more of my day which in return makes me more strategic about my day.

You could say when I get caught being busy doing nothing.. it’s honestly because I have too much time on my hands. Talk about a lightbulb going on in my head. So while this was meant to be a total confession of a failure on my end, I’m discovering while I write that it’s ok that I got caught because it just shows me that more is possible.

Don’t get wrong though, I never expect myself to cure myself of this habit. It’s highly unlikely that every minute of my day will be solid productive work. I’m realistic about that fact. But what I can say about my day is that it’s ok to be busy doing nothing as long as you are able to accomplish the important tasks of the day.

I’m still growing and that excites me. I know I can do better and that’s the point right? To continuously grow into the best version of yourself?

Here’s some things I am currently doing OR plan on eventually adding to my daily routines…

Bible Devotionals (YouVersion App)
Jump roping (just started this today!)
Gratitude Journal**
Pick up the house (ideally the dishes and my clothes/shoes are daily habits I can be better about)
Making my bed (I used to do this all the time, but havent been lately.

**Haven’t started these yet but I’m planning on integrating them eventually.