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At age 19, I walked into a gym for the first time ever and applied to be a personal trainer never having lifted a dumbbell or step foot in a gym. The only knowledge I had about strength and conditioning came in the form of working with 3-15 year olds at the local YMCA gymnastics center. But apparently that was all the knowledge I needed. Because I walked out with the job. and 20 years later, I’m still in the health and fitness world. And what a 20 years it’s been.

20 years ago, I was a young inexperienced 19 year old, living with my parents, finishing up my rookie year as an NFL Cheerleader. Fast forward to now… through 6 NFL seasons, starting an in-home personal training business, getting my massage therapy license, getting married, divorced, then married again. Buying and selling homes, experiencing the deep seated grief of losing 2 babies. Then having a successful pregnancy to learning how to be a mom. All while navigating a transition to a full time online health coach and discovering what it takes to care of my own health and the growth of my child in the middle of a pandemic. Life has had its challenges. Good ones and difficult ones but health has always been a foundation in which I have built my life upon. It is what has carried me through some of the hardest days of my life and also the most joyous ones. Health is what makes life possible.

As a wife, mom, daughter, friend, business owner, mentor and coach. Juggling life is not a balancing act but a rhythm of living life through every change and every obstacle you encounter.


My greatest purpose in life is simply to help you live a life that leans towards the path of health.

I understand that life will always be a roller coaster full of obstacles, but in every obstacle I believe there is a chance for us to grow and become better versions of ourselves. This is what I believe in.

Our health goes beyond the scale. I want to make sure you are fulfilled in every aspect of your life, mind, body and finances.

My job is simple… give you the accountability that a gym membership will not. When you face a challenge, I want to partner with you to tackle it one step at a time. Stress has a direct impact in how you feel about yourself and how well you show up in your life. My goal is to help relieve that stress by using small practical mindset shifts to make lasting change!