Exceeding Expectations…

Today I accomplished something I never imagined possible. Well, I knew it was possible but I wasn’t expecting that it would happen this quickly!

July 26th was not my first time running but it was the first day I started my goal. Run 3 miles NON-STOP (this would be a run exactly 2 times around my community) Now for those of you that know me are probably wondering why this is a big deal. This is a huge deal because I’ve NEVER EVER run more then a mile. Yes I played soccer, gymnastics, cheer, diving and dancing but not one of these sports required LONG runs in my training. Everything was in short bursts of energy! I could do jumps kicks and turns for 2-3 minutes and then I was done.

Ok so now that you understand a little bit as to why I wanted to run a measly 3 miles. At 1 mile, my body would shut down, my knees would ache, legs felt like jello and my heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest. This was a HUGE mental block for me. I resorted to my knees being an excuse because I actually had an injury but in reality it was just an excuse because I didn’t injure my knees running. This is the same reason I avoided lunges and squats for awhile. So July 26th was the day I tracked my run. 1.06miles completed in 13:11 minutes. I was sore for days. I actually didn’t run again for a week. My 2nd run was better but it still wasn’t even one lap around my block. It took me a couple more runs before I got into the grove. I was finally running around the block once. It was great to know that I could run more then one mile.

In the month of August, I ran a total of 9 times totaling 13.9 miles. I was happy that I was running somewhat consistent but I still hadn’t run twice around the block. So on September 2nd, I made a huge goal that would force me to run more then 1.5 miles a day. I decided that I was going to run a total of 45 miles by the end of the month. In theory I knew that I could run 3 miles, 15 days. Seemed possible since there was 30 days in the month. My plan was to run every other day, if I could.

Now on top of the pressure I had on myself, I also posted it on Facebook where everyone would see it. I don’t think anyone would be upset if I didn’t make my goal but just the thought of someone knowing I failed, was enough to keep me on track. After ever run I made my posts on fb, and it felt good that I was on pace to reach my goal. What felt even better was that I finally was able to make it around my block twice! To say that I’m excited would be an understatement, but what I did today tops that in a heartbeat!

Throughout my run I listen to music but I often think about everything happening in my life, business and personal, financial and physical. And often times I get these thoughts that I may not be able to finish the run, and in those moments I have to continuously tell myself, “I’m feeling good!” or “I am going to finish this 3 miles” Self-talk is so powerful. My statements used to be “I’m not going to make it.” or “Oh no, my knee is hurting.” Today I used those positive statements and was able to run an additional mile because of them. Yes, another mile in addition to the 3 miles. It was an indescribable feeling knowing that I was able to not only finish the 3 miles but to run another mile.

When I started running July 26th, I had no plan on getting to that 3 mile mark, I was just going to run when I could for as long as I could. Once I set my mind that 45 miles was going to be completed by the end of the month, I was on a roll. Now its only the 18th and although I have only completed 26.8 miles for the month, I have never felt more excited to run. A complete 180-degree shift of my mind. To think I only have 18.2 miles left with me running 4 miles today, I will be done in no time.

Within 8 weeks, I have exceeded my expectation of running 3 miles non-stop. And not only being able to complete the “measly” 3 miles, I can honestly say I am enjoying my runs. I am excited to finish this month’s goal of running 45 miles and go onto to making a bigger goal of 60 miles for the month of October!! What’s your goal for October? Let it be known and work everyday at achieving it. You might surprise yourself! I know I did!