Wait… I have to do what???

Wait, you mean I need to do what?

With the holidays coming around workouts tend to be at the bottom of the list when it comes to prioritizing but in all reality your health should still be at the top of list.
A couple things usually happens around the holidays…
  1. Time change- it gets darker sooner and people like to be in their homes especially since the weather is a lot cooler.
  2. Shopping- people go to the stores after work instead of their normal routine of heading to the gym.
  3. Parties- holidays parties happen at anytime, thanksgiving is a big feast then you have office parties, family parties and then friends’ parties.

Result from the above… Weight gain! Hmmm… I wonder why the #1 New Year’s Resolution is to “lose weight”? Duh, people stop working out and eat more! It’s the perfect formula to put on 10 lbs!

Now you have an idea of what “usually” happens… You can prepare for it!

  1. Continue to keep your schedule as-is, your body will adjust to the time change. Push through!! You can do it!
  2. Shop online, or plan your gifts so you can complete it in one or two trips on your NON-WORKOUT DAYS!!!
  3. Gameplan your meals for parties,
    • Eat before you go
    • Snack on the fruits &veggies
    • Use smaller plates
    • Always have water in hand
    • Eat less, talk more… (you wouldn’t be rude and talk with your mouth full of food)
    • If you MUST try everything, you only need 3-4 bites of each thing=1 spoonful

If  you have more tips for getting through the winter months without gaining the extra weight place share in the comments below! I don’t know every trick, help a sister out!!

Work. It. Out.

Happy Holiday Season!