Out of Nowhere

You ever have those seasons when you are waiting for some kind of sign or an opportunity to come your way? I think I’ve been in one of those seasons. The time freedom I have with coaching feels like it’s increased these past few weeks. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the fact that I’ve been SUPER DUPER intentional in regards to my time or maybe it’s just gotten easier the longer I do it. Either way I’m not complaining but I have realized since becoming more intentional that I have room for a lot more.

So I’ve been looking to do more. More with my abilities. More with my knowledge. More with my skills. I wouldn’t say I’ve been stressing over it but I have been open to new opportunities.

And this week that’s exactly what came my way. It feels like it was out of nowhere because the 3 different things came within a week of each other.

I’m stoked and overwhelmed by the thought of doing all 3. And now I find myself asking more questions…

Should I do them all?
Can I do them all or would that be spreading myself to thin?
If I choose one which would be the best scenario for me?
What would the time commitment look like for each one?
What purpose does each role serve?
What is the goal of each one?
Will they drain my energy or fill them?

The hard part is the unknown. I don’t know how that they entail. Each opportunity has it’s benefits and I’m sure each will have some down sides.

There are lots to consider as I move forward. I just wasn’t expecting them to all come at once. (Sigh)

I know I’ll figure it out. I’m not worried but anytime there’s a decision waiting to be made it makes me a little restless until I know the next step!

On a side note… my miracle mornings have been going well. I actually don’t follow the 6 SAVERS the author recommends but I’ve been more productive and more consistent focusing on the little things which has been allowing me the space to do the bigger things with ease and confidence!

My suggestion… get some wins under your belt then build from there. I think the hardest thing for me is that I was expecting to do the big things right away. I still can’t believe the things I have accomplished these past few months!