The Power of a Choice

The Power of a Choice.

Life is about choices. Everything we do started with a choice. The fact that I decided to blog about choices was just that, a choice. With the choices we make, we shape our lives. What we studied in school will determine where you work, which may determine where you live. Its a domino effect. One decision will lead to many more down the road. We may not know exactly all of the effects from our decisions but they do guide us in the direction we may foresee slightly. The reason why your choices are so imperative to your fitness goals is because we can’t drop 15lbs with the snap of our fingers. It takes time and many decisions along the road. What you eat today will affect the way you feel and possibly affect your ability to maximize your workouts. A choice may be the angel or the devil to your goals.

Think about the choices you make in a day. What you eat, when you eat, if you workout, if you sit and watch tv for hours. Some are bigger then others but if we pay attention to the little choices like choosing a salad over a pizza at lunch, you’ll find that overtime the good decisions you make will add up.

So next time you’re deciding what to have for lunch, ask yourself, “Is this the best choice that will help me reach my goal?”