Make a cake… and lose weight?

Ok we aren’t going to make a cake but we will talk about your “WHY”.

Everyday we are given challenges to overcome. I believe it is these challenges which shape our lives. For every down there is an up. For every right there is a left, and for every storm that comes through, a rainbow is shortly behind it. Within each challenge we overcome we grow as an individual, and for each challenge we have yet to overcome there is a lesson to be learned.

“Why do you want to achieve your goal?”

This is a crucial question that needs to be answered before getting started on achieving your goal. I believe there are multiple answers to this question but there are probably some that are more meaningful then others. Let us pretend that we are creating a cake. People often use events as reasons to lose weight (wedding, reunion, etc.) but these are just the icing of your cake. When you dig a little deeper, it may be for your kids or maybe your grandkids…  This may be your filling of your cake. I feel that most people, if they are truly honest with themselves, the real reason they may want to lose weight is because we all are human, and longed to be accepted and loved. And by being a better version of ourselves we feel we will achieve this acceptance. Another reason to lose weight is for our own self-esteem. We all want to be confident individuals, we feel that if we are more confident in ourselves it will help us go for that job we always wanted or it will give us the courage to ask out the man/woman of our dreams. These make the shape of the cake. It is what makes a cake a cake!

You may have a different reason, someone once told me that they didn’t want to turn out like their mother-in-law. Someone also told me that their parents died at a young age and that scared them into realizing that if they didn’t take care of themselves now that they may turn out like their parents.

In today’s generation, we live in a world of convenience and the sense that good genes and a good life is OWED to us. Unfortunately, this is changing the health and well-being of our children. I recently watched a show on National Geographic and there was a doctor that believed the children of today will not live past their parents. If you have children, can you imagine having to bury your child? I don’t have children but I can only imagine what my parents would endure if they had to bury me or any of my siblings.

In order to change this unimaginable outcome, we must be the movers and shakers of this change. It’s like the saying “Be the change you want to see in the world.” We don’t realize the power of one person. This is my purpose in life, help people change their reality. I have never met a person who was satisfied with who they were, where they worked, or how they looked. (If you are satisfied, kudos to you…) I want to help those see the power of change. One by one I strive to make a difference in someone’s life. I can see the change of the people I’ve worked with in the past year. Their lives have changed, not because what I tell them, but what believe they can do.

So I ask you again, “Why do you want to achieve your goal?” Whatever your reason is, hold onto it. If you’re desire is stronger then your fears, you will succeed with flying colors. And I will be there waiting to give you a high-five as you cross the finish line.


What are your reasons for wanting to lose weight? What is holding you back?

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