Celebrate the little wins…

Some days I feel like the day escapes me. Like today… I feel like the last time I checked the time it was 9am. It’s after 3p now and I’ve finally stopped for a quick moment to write.

A part of me loves when the time passes so fast and other times I feel overwhelmed. I start debating about the last 6 hours, what did I get done? Have I been productive? What do I still need to accomplish?

When I have days like today, I have to jump for joy for a second. You see, I’m constantly wavering between the past and the future. I tend to forget to be in the moment.

For example, if I have lunch with my husband, we could barely finish the meal and I’m already asking what’s for dinner. Not becasue I’m hungry but because I feel the need to plan for it. No, it’s not even a matter of me cooking it, I’m not a fan of cooking… but I just need to know what we’re having. Truth be told, I honestly don’t even care what we would be having. It’s not like I look forward to eating… food is just fuel to my body, kind of like gas is to my car. It needs it, I don’t get excited when my car is on empty. Haha I know weird analogy, but like I said, I’m just being honest. I want to know the future.

There are a lot of times in my life where the “need to know” is somewhat crippling. There have been times where if I didn’t know exactly what something was going to be like… I wasn’t going.

So I’m just going to take this quick moment that I have to write to celebrate the little wwin that I had today. I was PRESENT. Not much planning, just doing. And that my friends, feels damn good!!

Happy Friday!