Stop wishing it was easier, and just become better.

Stop wishing it was easier, and just become better.

Yup that one stings. I was at my health coaching conference back in February to grow and learn how to become a better coach.

I can’t remember who said it, but it hit me hard. Had I been hoping life had been easier. If I were being completely honest, doesn’t everyone want it to be easy. Why would anyone wish, “Man I wish I had a hard life.” Of course not, so I don’t feel bad for answering yes, I wanted the easy life.

Don’t get me wrong, my life has been pretty smooth sailing. No major accidents, no major setbacks, unless of course you count the 6″ inches between my ears a setback. My mind to me can be my worse enemy or biggest supporter. It just depends on what day it is.

There are moments in my life, where nothing would stop me from getting what I wanted. A new car, a new job, making it back on to the Charger Girls after being cut for 2 years in a row. Nothing. If I wanted something, I knew what I needed to get there.

But like everything there are two sides of the coin. I can also look back at my life and say my mind limited my ability to go for it. I have talked myself into the dumps where all I could do was sleep.

I believe, now, after giving myself a lot of grace, I choose to focus on my determination to go for things. My desire to “get better”. My longing for creating the life I truly desire.

That quote helped me snap out of my funk. I stopped wishing for an “easier” and I have chosen to get better by doing better. I am choosing a life out of structure instead of a life driven by the emotional rollercoaster my mind had put me on.

And you know what has happened since then… my life has gotten easier. The things I used to struggle with are no longer a challenge. The challenges today are different and I’m truly excited to be better by pushing through them.

So whatever you’re working through, dig deep, know in your heart that you are in the driver seat and focus on the things that you can control. You will surprise yourself as to what you’re capable of. You’ll look back and realize, how in the heck did I manage to do all of that!!!