7 days of writing… What I have learned so far!

Day 7

What I learned about myself in the first 7 days of writing.

  1. I actually have a lot to share. So many days I wonder to myself, if I relate to people, what will I have in common with them, will sharing this make sense. And after a few days of writing, I realized that I don’t give myself enough credit.
  2. It’s actually ok to not be perfect. For as long as I can remember, perfection was my goal. In sports, life, relationships, and anything I did, I strived to be perfect. But to be honest, I don’t know if perfection is even possible. And who is the judge of whether or not I succeeded at perfection.
  3. Not everyone is going to like what I write. And thats actually ok. For the first time, I am ok with not meeting everyone’s needs. I did not start writing because I needed to make a point. I started writing because all of my thoughts in my head were overwhelming. Writing gives me an outlet.
  4. It’s not as hard as I thought. My first post was all about my struggle with writing. True is, its only a struggle to get started. Once I decided to just sit down and write the words came on their own. It’s like my hands took over and my head was forced to let go.
  5. I needed this. So many times, my thoughts have been buried deep down so that no one would know the real me. BEing able to get these thoughts of my chest has allowed me to live more unapologetic. It has given me more confidence in my own decisions and its allowed me to express myself in a way I did not believe was possible.

It truly amazes me as to what is possible when we don’t allow our beliefs of who we are right now dictate who we become in the future. I guess you really never know what’s possible until you try.

For a long time, I was scared to try, scared to see what the world would throw back at me, and so far, it has all been good. To think that this will always be the case is naive so I won’t say that this journey is easy or will be easy but that it is a part of life, the ups and the downs. The rollarcoaster of emotions. It is what makes life, life. We roll with the punches and grow in the process. No matter how painful or scary it may be. Just try…

“Once you learn to appreciate the small victories there is no need for a finish line”