Me, a writer? Are you crazy???

If you ask me if I was a writer, I would literally laugh at loud. I have never been a studious person, back in high school I would have considered myself a jock. The athlete playing and excelling in multiple sports. Writing and reading were challenging for me. I would do it because, well, it was required of me to graduate.

Fast forward 16 years, and here I am sitting in my home, writing. Not because I have to, but because I have chosen to. Imagine that! Now I still don’t believe that I’m a writer mainly because I don’t feel I have a strong sense of grammar (thank goodness for autocorrect, because I seriously just spelled grammar wrong, twice!) haha I think the other reason I have never considered that I’m a writer because my brain moves faster than my fingers, I often misspell words and frankly, I don’t know what to write about.

But my good ‘ole big brother has started writing DAILY in his blog. You can read his here. He has been consistently writing everyday, even on the days he doesn’t feel like it. That me, right now. You see, I told him about a week ago, that I want to start blogging more. His response, a link to my website. Thanks, Bryan, I almost forgot where to find my name… ? I then told him that I don’t know what to write, and my grammar sucks and well I”m just not any good at writing.

He stopped me there and simply asked, “How else will you ever get better?”

I know exactly how I will get better… by just doing it. So here I am, 10+ days after saying it aloud that I want to start blogging again. I’m not sure where this will go but cheers to day one!

As I sit here, fumbling over my words I want to write and spellcheck every couple of lines, I’m grateful that I’m trying. It may not be the next Nobel Prize winning piece, but I started.

Here’s my challenge to you… start. Whatever you are contemplating on doing today, whether it be a workout, better health choices or simply writing a blog. Just start, without any expectations of the outcome. We all fell A LOT of times before we started walking, but look at us now, walking pros! I know corny analogy but it you know me, you know I have my corny tendencies.

Cheers to a new day of new adventures! See you tomorrow!