Day 7…and guess what happened

So I get up somewhat early everyday. I wrote about this the other day about my morning routine. I do my best to stay true to it and for the most part I do. Everyday is not exactly the same so it can be challenge to be super regimented with my morning routine. Some things don’t change… like getting dressed, brushing my teeth and drinking 16 oz of water. That’s my top 3 and I never miss a day. The challenge is what I do (and the order in which) I do the next couple of things.

So earlier in my week I was good. After my top 3, I moved my booty downstairs to really start my day… the next 3 items on my daily routine is… fuel my body, write my goals down and then plan my day.

Here’s when the problem of easily distracted comes into play. To plan my day means I’m getting on the ultimate task distracter… the computer.

You see I use a digital calendar which I have access to anywhere. It’s really a love/hate relationship because one thing leads to another and soon enough I’m completely off-track and behind in what I wanted to accomplish for the morning.

Case in point, this morning. I woke up and grabbed my phone. Mistake #1. Checking my phone’s notifications. That got me distracted from just getting ready. I caught myself after deleting emails and responding to a couple of messages. Got myself ready, came downstairs made my fueling and boom… Mistake #2 happened. Turned my computer on and realized I hadn’t closed my internet windows. Amazon’s home page opened for me to browse. (insert face palm here)

By this point, I had a gut feeling that I was off track and going to run out of time to complete my morning routine before I had to leave. Thankfully, I had enough awareness to make the shift. But needless to say, I’m not doing EVERYTHING I wanted to accomplish this morning which will make the rest of my day somewhat chaotic.


So for this next week, I’m going to try something I did back in December. It’s not something that I want to do, but if I want to achieve my goals that I write down everyday (yes those got done today) I need to be more efficient with my time. THE PHONE IS SLEEPING IN THE HALLWAY.

Yup, I’m kicking it out of the bedroom. It’s a habit that I tried before, and didn’t like it, but if nothing changes, nothing will change. So I will commit to the next week to leaving the phone in the hallway. I think the phone will be fine but me on the other hand… I know this is going to be good for me.

Let’s see how this goes…