DIY Projects

If you know me, you know I like power tools. I have no idea where this comes from… I’m a woman. I couldn’t even tell you when this started but I do. I love the process of creating, planning then implementing all of that into actually creating something and using the power tools is an added bonus. My husband and I bought our home in January of 2017 and every since then I have been dreaming up everything I can make.

Now I have absolutely no formal training but I use Pinterest and Youtube for random tasks to help me bring the crazy ideas into reality. Here’s some of the projects I’ve actually made functional in our home…

  • Headboard.
  • Office desk. I needed something that I could move against the wall so I could have more room for my massage table.
  • Sofa Table. I know I could have bought one but where’s the fun in that.
  • Painted cabinets. Surprisingly an easy process but it did take some time and patience.
  • Trash cabinet. I hated the idea of my trashcan sitting out. It was in plain view of my entire kitchen and I felt it was an eye-sore. So I built a drawer cabinet to fit our recycling and trash bins in using an upper kitchen cabinet.
  • Framed Mirrors. There’s no easier way to transform a bathroom then adding a frame on your mirror.
  • Pantry Shelving. This one was easy in theory but a challenge due to an angled ceiling but nonetheless it’s a great functioning pantry shelves that is totally maximizing the storage space. Not that we needed more storage but now its just pretty!

So those are the functionally projects. I do have to put a disclaimer out there, because besides my office desk and the sofa table… all of these projects still have minor details needed to be done in order for my to fully say they are completed.

The sad thing is… the minor details are the silliest tasks but I have yet to do them. One day I will fully complete them and maybe then I’ll write the how-to’s of them. But for now here’s some of my before and after’s of each creation. Missing a picture of my sofa table… but it’s nothing spectacular.