Made for More…

Do you ever wonder if there is more for you?

This has been my recurring theme in my life. More. More. More. I’ve always wanted to be more, have more and do more. I thought something was wrong with me. I even had a boyfriend once ask me, “when is it going to be enough?” I didn’t say anything but in my heart, I felt like saying, “Never.”

For many years, I never asked for more because I thought I had high expectations but I always believed that there was more. There was a better way of doing things. Always room for improvement. MORE. Truth being, I wanted more, but I didn’t believe I deserved more. Who was I? And what have I done to receive more. I was no one special. I didn’t have any special talents or skills. And I sure as heck didn’t have the financial means to do more.

So I stopped desiring for more. I settled for “enough”. Just enough sometimes was all that I thought I was capable of. That is until I started this path of health coaching. I started helping others dream of more for their lives which in turn gave me permission to dream for myself, “what could ‘more’ look life for you?”

More than enough.
More than you dreamed.
More than you imagined.

Can I tell you a secret? More scares me. I know more is possible, but it scares me because it will require more of me. More trust. More faith. More grit. More of everything.

But as I continue to grow, I realize that the idea of more, doesn’t necessarily mean huge leaps of faith. All it requires of me, is that I continue to step. big or small, giant or tiny, none of that matters. There is no timeline to more.

More becomes the size of your imagination. And the more you imagine, the bigger the ‘more’ can become.

10 years ago I dreamed of potentially having more. And it would require me to step outside my comfort zone. It would require me to become someone different. And it scared me into settling for enough. But in those 10 years of settling, I wasn’t actually settling… it was an opportunity for me to take baby steps of growth. That moment I wrote about in a journal I’ve kept all of these years was rediscovered in December. It scared me again, but this time I wasn’t willing to be intimidated by more.

I grew from fear to excitement. Yes does the more scare me, yes. But I’m continually stepping knowing that God doesn’t give us more than we are equipped to handle. And for once in my life I’m dreaming of more and more. The spark that was lit 10 years ago has been relit and if I’m being honest, I believe it is only the beginning. I don’t know what the road will bring and I don’t have a clue what challenges I will face. But from where I sit today, I know more is possible and that it is a good thing to desire more.

Believe me, I’m grateful for the last 10 years. There has been tremendous growth that I would not have experienced had it not been for the journey of getting scared. I’m grateful for where I am today. I am grateful for the people in my life and the things I have acquired over the years. I’m grateful for it all. And becoming grateful for where I’m at and unapologetic of where I want to go is some kind of freedom.

SO if you desire more… good. Be grateful for the place you are today with knowing that you can have MORE, be MORE, and do MORE. Don’t allow people to stop you from dreaming of the possibilities of your life. Be courageous enough to step into that truth today.