I’m going to regret this just a little bit

I had a lot I wanted to get done today. And I pretty much did none of it except for the one thing I probably didn’t need to complete. I regret it only a little bit because it’s only going to make tomorrow a little more hectic and I will have to be more focused which can be challenging with the constant distractions the world gives us.

Case in point… today. I got caught up in a show. And it’s rare that I watch tv but when I do, I end up bringing for hours. It has become a love/hate relationship. I love it because I end up relaxing more than most days, but I hate it because I could have easily gotten so much done. And I wish my hubby was home so I can blame him for the binge watching but he out working. But the one thing I can blame him for is turning me on to this show… it’s so addicting!

But like I said I know I will regret it a bit tomorrow. So I’m hoping to do some major game-planning for the day. It’s the only way I can operate. Here’s the truth though, I really don’t want to. In my head it’s already late and the house is a mess.

This is where I know I have the opportunity to choose to grow or stay the same. So I’m choosing to do the thing I don’t want to  because I know that it will give me the space and the clarity to get through everything that I want to complete tomorrow.

I know this may sound silly thing to not want to do, but the quote… “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” keeps being said on repeat in my head. There are times in life where the planning is the funnest part. Ask me about the ideas I have for our guest room and I have a plethora of ideas. But planning on what I need to get done and putting them in my calendar tomorrow, not quite what I had in mind on a late Sunday evening. But here we are living with the choices I made today and doing some minor cleanup since the day was some what wasted.

Most days I don’t like admitting that I didn’t follow the plan, or listen to the boss (aka my calendar) and today is no different. I hate owning the choices I made that don’t move me forward or keep me consistent. This writing thing tonight just challenged me in a way doesn’t make me proud but it’s honest and real. Today I was content with being lazy which don’t get me wrong, they are great to have every once in a while, but today for me anyways was not the day for it. I had things to do. Nothing major but doing them would have led me to tomorrow (Monday) which happens to be my busiest day with a little more ease.

I feel like I’m scolding myself by belaboring the point. But your current reality is an acquired taste. And it’s not always the easiest to take in. I don’t want to beat myself up because it’s not the worst thing I could have done. Nothing will completely fall apart tomorrow but I did just make things harder for myself. And that I can accept. I’m aware of it and now I’m simply trying to plan accordingly! So tonight, I’m cutting it short and getting to work!

Lets hope I can stay focused and efficiently do all the things I plan for. Fingers crossed!