This should be interesting…

Well friends… I have to admit I want nothing more than to crawl into bed in my jeans and a t-shirt possibly even leaving my shoes on at this point because I’m tired. And that may or may not have anything to do with the ONE glass of red wine I had at dinner.

Today I’m regretting not doing this in the morning LIKE I had time to do but choose to purge our closets.

But my hubby is home and we had made the decision yesterday that we were going to take everything that we were getting rid of and getting it out of the house. So like any organizational fanatic, I was completely stoked to be alleviating my place of clutter. Our guest room/nursery was looking more and more like a storage unit and the garage, well its a garage. It was covered in dirt and dust.

I woke up early and got my day going fantastically and once I knew the hubby was open, all things fell by the way side and here we are 9:30 pm struggling to keep my eyes open.

I wanted to share about the success I had in day 2 of my miracle morning because things were a little smoother but still not ideal. I’m not going to complain at all because it felt better than yesterday and I’m sure I’ll make some more tweaks tomorrow. But like a lot of days the day got away from me. Jeff and I had decided to go for lunch then make a quick run to Home Depot. New project in the works 😉 but after that, my plans went out the window. My older brother was having his 20 year reunion today and had some of his friends over. These guys were basically my big brothers so we pretty much dropped what we were doing and crashed the reunion.

Lesson learned: Do your writing in the morning BEFORE you decide to have a glass a wine. Time for bed! I could ramble on but let’s be honest it would be a whole lot of gibberish. We all know that I just need some water and a bed! Good night!