Miracle Morning Day One

Tried something new today. I started listening to the book Miracle Morning a few days ago. Think I’m a few chapters in and wanted to try out the concept of focus time for personal development BEFORE you do anything else.

Now if you know me, I’ve been working this whole structure thing and let me tell you it has been a good but messy experience. Let me explain…

The Good.

I’m actually really proud of myself for the effort I’ve been putting into this structure thing. I’ve had to give myself a lot of grace at times because I don’t always follow through with what I say I’m going to do. But these days focusing on my success means focusing on my action. That has been key. I read something or maybe it was my therapist that asked me… how do define success?

Simple question… hard to answer. After some thinking it was still difficult to put into words what success was and how I measured it. The meaning of the word is simply the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Ok so you accomplish some kind of purpose. Makes sense but defining what it actually looked like in my life was a whole different story.

Was being married a success? Sure, but that didn’t make me feel like I was a successful person.
Was owning our home a success? Yes we bought a home but again I didn’t see it making me a success?
Was starting my own business a success? Of course, I got it started but did it make me successful?

Those are definitely accomplishments but for whatever reason at the time the question was asked of me, I didn’t see ME as successful. Which made me question what would I have to do to be considered a success in my own head?

Woah Nelly… I just made my own eyes crossed. The accomplishments were a success but why did I not feel successful?

This is where I sat and pondered what would I have to do to be considered successful???

Here’s the simple answer… whatever I decided to do. The act in which I set a purpose. From that point on, if I took an action towards it, then I was successful. Simple, right?

Put it this way…

Did I want to get up on time today? Yes.
So did I get up on time? Yup… I was successful in getting up.

Did I want to jump rope for 150+ skips today? Yes.
So did I complete my jump roping for today? You betcha!

Did I set out to complete my bible study homework for today? Yes.
And did I complete it? You know it!

So here’s the simple equation of it all… If you are setting a goal, and you complete it (at some point) then I would say you were successful. There’s absolutely no set guidelines as to what makes you successful as long as you took aim at accomplishing SOMETHING!

So the good in these past few weeks is that I have focused on the tiny wins. Because lets face it, writing a book will have to take time but if I’m focused on the act of writing everyday then I am taking the steps towards success.

I think my issue has always been the big picture. I want the big success right here right now, but that’s not how the world works. Great things take time to build. So focusing on the little wins day in and ady out keeps my head in the game.

The Messy.

Don’t worry I didn’t forget the messy, how could I? Messy goes against my nature to be organized. It makes my skin crawl to know I’m in the messy. In the perfect world everything has its place and EVERYONE sees it the way I think it should be. My poor hubby, I know. Our house does not allow for clutter and I’m super particular about how things are done but anyways that’s not the point right now. Just know I like my organization.

Getting into structure is messy right now simply because I have no structure besides my list of must-do’s. The when or how is unclear. But the what is defined. I have been working my structure for a few months now and today I just added a few more to my goals list. And because of the idea of adding more, I’m just trying to figure out where it all fits in. The miracle morning looks at 6 areas of focus.

Lets just say they were great ideas but fitting them in to what I already have been doing, not the easiest. I like the authors suggestions but today I tried to fit them into MY BOX of logic. What and how am I going to fit them into my routine.


* SILENCE (mediation)
*SCRIBING (journaling)



So for the most part I think I was off to a great start. Problem is everyday is different in the amount spent on these AND it’s NEVER in the same order besides my bible reading and goal writing. Those I always do first thing after I get ready for the day.

Messy is a sign of growth, right? So as much as it pains me to be messy in the structure of my day I am committed to getting this organized. It may take a ton of trail and error but that is quite alright with me because I know I’m better for these simple tasks.

The best part about the messiness is simply tomorrow is a new day that I can try again! Don’t get me wrong today was an absolute success. I got more accomplished before 9am then I had gotten done all week, but I know I can do better. Falling in love with the success of the effort is essential friends. That is where the big things are planted!!!

So I guess MESSY is GOOD… and the good can be messy!