Travel days

So today we came back from Denver. I thought I would be able to function when we got home, but I was attached by a horrible case of the allergies. It’s been brutal. But here we are. I’ve taken Flonase, Claritin and some Sudafed. And yet nothing is really helping at this point. After this I’m going to bed hopefully without the head congestion and red eyes.

Travel days are normally good days. I am one of those people that likes to unpack as soon as I get home. I’m also one of those peoples that needs to clean the house before I leave.

Both of those tasks make the traveling easier for me. Here are some of my other top tips for traveling…

1. Water. I ALWAYS bring an empty water bottle on the plane. Most airports have water fountains that fill up your bottles quickly and it saves you money from spending $6 on a tiny water bottle.

2. Pack snacks. I usually stick a bunch of items in my carry-on for easy access. With the time changes I’m always hungry and will usually snack on something in the air. Trail mix just happens to be my favorite. I love the sweet and salty combo. But usually need a piece of gum after! haha

3. Clean your house before you leave. I know I already shared this but I can tell you from experience, coming home to a clean home is so refreshing. Who wants to come home from a days worth of traveling to a mess. Don’t get me wrong, I end up leaving a few things out here or there but for the most part the house is tidy.

4. Jet lag. Ok so my best suggestion here, is before you take off, change your time on your watch. This has always helped me get into the mindset of my destination. The other factor is drinking water. I don’t know how it helps but it does. Just trust me on this, hydrate yourself!

5. Be nice to the TSA agents. This one here friends is my little golden nugget. The people you come across checking in your bag, going through security, and at your gate are there to help you. I understand delays and cancellations of flights are super duper frustrating, but I can tell you from experience, the gate agents are there to help so when you are extra nice and thank them for helping you, more times that not, they will give you their best. I’ve gone as far as apologizing to them that they are having to deal with the inconvenience. Yup, I apologized. I understand that they don’t want to have to deal with figureing out your flights just as much as you don’t. There have many times I have been given food vouchers, upgrades and club access all because I was nice to whoever was helping me out. (Not everytime, but more than a few!)

6. Unpack immediately. I know flying is tiring but unpacking as soon as you get home helps with getting back into your normal routine. I don’t always start the laundry, but I definitely empty out my suitcases.

I know these seem super basic and that’s because they are. I used to make travel this big huge ordeal, but these days they are more like a quick little car ride. Keeping it simple without a ton of expectations make for an enjoyable trip!

I’m sure traveling is different with kids, I’ve seen it and to be honest it scares me. But when that day comes, I’m sure I’ll share some of my takeaways.

Time to unpack and hit the sack! Good night friends!