Structure vs Restriction

Maintaining a busy schedule is difficult.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in setting up our future that we forget about what the ONLY thing that is going to get us through it all, our body! I think about how often I have forgotten to drink water or skipped a workout or heavens forbid, I miss a meal. It happens to s all but my hope is that you will forget, skip or miss LESS OFTEN. How?

By with what you’re already doing well. Because if you’ve made it this far in life, you’re probably doing a lot of things right, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

M remember in the early days of motherhood, I read somewhere that babies THRIVE in structure. They don’t like the element of surprise and love a good routine. I wish I could tell you where that comes from or why that is, but if you remember the newborn days then you know that I could barely keep my days straight. But the idea stuck with me and I structured my day around a few things… rest, food, play and diaper changes.

Rest and food went hand in hand… and then playtime and diaper changes fit in around those rocks of sleeping and eating. It gave me simplicity in those early days, and we had a good rhythm. Life was as easy as I could have hoped because I knew the structure or routine. It gave us a lot of freedom because we had an underlying structure that we built our life upon. Our days were structured around meal times and naps.

That’s what I want to share now… finding your own sense of structure instead of feeling restricted from living. I promise you there’s a difference.


the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex.


the limitation or control of someone or something, or the state of being limited or restricted.

I often hear from clients that they don’t want to do anything that is restricted. And I completely agree, living restricted or limited in any way feels suffocating and no fun at all. Which is why I bring up the idea of living in some structure instead. Setting up some boundaries that you know will serve you well in the long run. Just like I had done from my son early on. Boundaries of when to rest and when to eat. We weren’t perfect by any means but it did give me some sense of control in what felt so uncontrollable.

So what if? What if instead you looked at your choice to eat the salad over the pizza as living within a structure that served your body well. What if you put the technological devices down an hour before bedtime so that you could get a good night of restorative sleep. What if you structured your day to walk a mile not because you “have to do it” but because you know you feel better when you do.

I want to share this poem written by a fellow coach a few years back about this very thought of living a structured life vs a restricted one. I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Living in Structure vs Living in Restriction
So many people equate LOSING WEIGHT to bondage and restriction, saying
“I don’t want to restrict myself!”

But I say to them…

Having a hard time walking up the steps without being winded?
You are restricted.
Can’t find cute clothes that fit off the rack?
You are restricted.
Are you a slave to going to the DOCTOR and buying medications????
You are restricted.
The rest of the family can play and walk and live life while you sit on the sidelines?
You are restricted.
Are you having a hard time bending over to tie your shoes??
You are restricted.
Do you delete photos? of yourself or refuse to be in them?
You are restricted.
Do you lack confidence to go on a date or to get that promotion?
You are restricted.
So please, stand back and look at your situation objectively. Living a healthy lifestyle is not RESTRICTION, it is FREEDOM at its finest!!”

~Written by: Nancy Strauss~

Maybe you’re so used to it that you didn’t even know that you are currently living a restricted life and it’s time to break free and take back some control. If this sounds like you, I’d love to come along side you and help you develop a structure that help move you in the direction of your goals. This is the one life you get, are you ready to live it free? Click Here to book a free consultation!