Unknown Life Lessons

I have been extremely blessed to not have had to deal with diseases, surgeries and health hardships within my family. Until recently… my family has been focused on helping my father, 59, get through some difficult times. If you have had the opportunity to meet my dad, you know he loves to make people laugh, loves to dance and is a self-less man. Recently we received the news that my dad needs a bypass surgery. His heart is pumping 14% of its max capacity. (An average person’s heart pumps about 55% of its max.) This is extremely low and as scary as it sounds, all I can do is be positive. And at times this is incredibly difficult, I know it is out of my control and that me crying over the position my father is in won’t help him recover.

You see, my dad has always worked to support his family. He doesn’t complain. He doesn’t ask for anything. And while I was growing up and he was away working long hours he taught me so much by the actions he took on a daily basis.


  • He taught me dedication by doing what it takes to make ends meet.
  • He also taught me that my life will be exactly how I want it. He still tells me to this day, “Well it’s your life!”
  • He taught me that whatever I want in life that I have to be willing to work for it.
One of my favorite stories my dad tells me about my childhood was about my drive. The story goes a little something like this…
I was 12-13 years old competing at a gymnastics meet. One of my teammates was bragging about how well she did and how she had the highest score of the group. This made me mad. (Why did she have to brag about it?) Anyway, I could hear my dad yelling, “Come on Ash!” it was MY turn, on one of my better events. I was determined to beat her score. Long story short… I beat her score (and everyone else at the meet and won 1st place).
Now this is my favorite part… the way my dad tells the story, drives me still to this day. He’s always told me that he saw the fire in my eyes. He knew, without saying a thing, that I was determined to do well. (To be honest, I don’t think he even knew that my teammate bragging pissed me off).
Any time he tells the story, I am immediately transported back in time and can experience every feeling I had at that moment in time. That feeling of knowing I could achieve my goal.

You may have a moment like this and I hope you do. The feeling I get from that story makes me feel invincible!

I will always have this event to help me get to where I want to go knowing in my deepest emotions that failure is not an option.
Because of my dad’s attentiveness to that moment in time, I know that I have the power inside me to find the ability and the drive and to be able to do it all without having any fear, when going after something that I want. And for this life lesson, I will never be able to repay him.

I hope his surgery and recovery goes as planned. I hope that you get the chance to meet him. He is an amazing man and I’m proud to call him my dad.